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Fiduciary Support

Plan Sponsors, Administrators, and Trustees are identified by ERISA as having fiduciary responsibilities.  The duty is to act in the best interest of plan participants the beneficiaries.  ERISA permits outsourcing many duties that can help with these responsibilities.

  • Initially, Larmann Financial will conduct a Fiduciary Diagnostic on your plan that will be used to identify any potential existing gaps pertaining to your fiduciary responsibilities. Your plan’s Fiduciary Diagnostic is then reviewed and updated on a regular basis to identify upcoming plan management responsibilities and to documents when required tasks are completed.  Our Fiduciary Education Modules provide the necessary resources to help inform and educate team members regarding ERISA’s fiduciary requirements.
  • Partial list of Fiduciary Education Module:
    • Fiduciary Responsibilities
    • Fiduciary Liabilities
    • Selecting Service Providers
    • Fees & Expenses
    • Selecting Investments
    • Maintaining Your Fiduciary File
  • Retirement Times Newsletter
    • Monthly plan sponsor newsletter keep clients abreast on the latest retirement plan news, legislative updates, and industry trends.
    • Contributing writers and editors represent a staff of one dozen professionals with an average industry tenure of over ten years.

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