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Investment Analysis

Plan sponsors and administrators recognize the value of Larmann Financial in selecting and monitoring their investment lineup.  Our firm utilizes two of the leading independent investment analysis programs available to the marketplace.

  • We score funds through each of the systems quarterly.  Our investment due diligence process incorporates a comprehensive, quantitative fund scoring system.  Depending on score, funds may be placed on an "Approved List, Watch List, or Remove List".
  • Results are reviewed with plan sponsors/administrators.  We monitor "Watch List" funds going forward and recommend replacements for "Remove List" funds.

Our process incorporates:

  • Rolling period analysis to help provide better measures of a fund's central tendency and to identify emerging trends that may not be currently reflected in a fund's analytics.
  • Custom benchmarks and peer groups that aim to provide better measures of a fund's true value added.
  • Regular conversations with portfolio managers to confirm that fund analytics are representative and repeatable.

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