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Target Date Suitability

How was your Target Date Series selected?  Have you taken a critical look at it since it was installed?  Many advisors and plan sponsors do not devote much time evaluating this major asset class.  Consider...

  • The Center for Due Diligence reports that over 80% of contributions and 34% of plan assets are expected to be invested in Target Date Funds by 2019.
  • Extreme differences in down market returns among TDFs with the same retirement date can create significant risks for plan participants and plan fiduciaries.
  • The Department of Labor (DOL) published “Target Date Retirement Funds-Tips for ERISA Plan Fiduciaries” in 2013 over concerns that differences in Target Date Fund risk postures were not adequately being investigated by plan sponsors or their advisors.
  • Target Date Fund suitability begins with aligning a participant population’s need to take risk with its willingness to assume risk and then compares off-the-shelf and custom model options that match a plan’s “best fit” risk posture

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