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Rob Idol

Rob Idol

Director of Investment Services

After nearly 20-years with big bank firms, Robert Idol moved his practice to Larmann Financial in late 2021.  “It was important to me that I join a firm that truly provides independent, fiduciary financial planning advice without pushing bank products or propriety funds.”  

Growing up in Boone County, Rob was quick-witted, competitive and active, especially when it came to sports.  He wasn’t the biggest or fastest kid out there, but he was likely the most determined and committed.  Rob Idol grew up in a hurry.  Circumstances obliged him to be a serious adolescent, one who figured out early the school of street smarts, the value of hard work and the rewards for remaining curious.  In 2002 he graduated from The University of Kentucky with a degree in Economics. 

Today, Rob’s career is devoted to “helping really good people navigate all financial stages of their lives.”  As a partner with Larmann Financial, Rob brings more than 20 years of experience to the firm.   Taking a comprehensive approach, Rob listens to each individual, tailoring a unique, customized approach to meet their needs.  Fostering deep relationships is important to Rob.  During this time, Rob is able to think critically while helping his clients preserve and steward their wealth. 

Rob and his wife live in the Park Hills area of Northern Kentucky with their quirky and entertaining German Shepherd.  Outside of work hours he tolerates his golf game, is learning to cook, and enjoys watching every sport possible.